walletprocesspsbt "psbt" ( sign "sighashtype" bip32derivs )

Update a PSBT with input information from our wallet and then sign inputs that we can sign for.

Requires wallet passphrase to be set with walletpassphrase call if wallet is encrypted.

Argument #1 - psbt

Type: string, required

The transaction base64 string

Argument #2 - sign

Type: boolean, optional, default=true

Also sign the transaction when updating

Argument #3 - sighashtype

Type: string, optional, default=ALL

The signature hash type to sign with if not specified by the PSBT. Must be one of


Argument #4 - bip32derivs

Type: boolean, optional, default=true

Include BIP 32 derivation paths for public keys if we know them


{                             (json object)
  "psbt" : "str",             (string) The base64-encoded partially signed transaction
  "complete" : true|false     (boolean) If the transaction has a complete set of signatures


bitcoin-cli walletprocesspsbt "psbt"